Cost and shipping terms

1. TURCHIARELLA GROUP declares to accept orders only with delivery within the EU territory.

2. For each order placed on, TURCHIARELLA GROUP issues an invoice for the material shipped, sending it by e-mail to the order holder, in accordance with art 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 and DL 52/2004. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order shall be authentic. No change in the invoice will be possible, after the issuance of the same.

3. Delivery charges are explicitly highlighted when placing the order. Payment of the goods by the Customer will be made using the Credit Card or Bank Transfer mode, the charge on the credit card will be applied by TURCHIARELLA GROUP, manager of the integrated e-commerce platform. Nothing is due in addition by the Client to the total amount of the order.

4. The order fulfillment time is 48 hours from the time the order is accepted by our sales clerk. No responsibility can be attributed to TURCHIARELLA GROUP in case of delay in the delivery of what has been ordered by the couriers.

5. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Client is required to check:

  • that the number of packages being delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;
  • that the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, even in the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal strapping).
  • Any damage to the packaging and / or the product or the mismatch in the number of packages or indications, must be immediately challenged, putting WRITTEN RESERVE OF CONTROL on the courier's proof of delivery. Once the courier's document has been signed, the Customer will not be able to oppose any dispute about the external characteristics of what has been delivered.

6. In the event of failure to collect within 5 working days of the material in storage at the warehouses of the courier due to repeated inability to deliver to the address specified by the Customer when placing the order, the order will be automatically canceled.

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